Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sparking Toad Rod (Swords & Wizardry Magic Weapon)

A sparking toad rod is a glass or possibly clear crystal tube nearly 4 feet in length.  One end flairs out like a horn while the other is a spherical bulb that contains what appears to be a toad suspended in a flickering incandescence (sheds light as a candle).  Although the actual firing mechanism is unknown, the user can willfully cause an eruption of sparks that zig-zag from the open end and radiate out, filling a cone 15 feet long and 15 feet at the end.  Everyone caught in this discharge suffers 1d4 hp damage.  Once fired the device will not fire again for 1d2 rounds (with a result of 1 being the next round).

Anyone holding a sparking toad rod gains a +2 to saves against electrical attacks.

The rod is surprisingly resilient   It will not break from incidental or accidental bumps or drops.  However, any amount of purposeful blunt damage or falls of 10 feet or more will cause it to detonate.  The resulting explosion causes everyone within 10 feet to be subjected to a lightning bolt spell (cast as from a 5th level magic-user, save for half damage).  The toad creature is completely burnt to ash.

These devices are not magical in nature and are often found in metallic ruins or among other alien artifacts.