Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Suck At This

I read a great slew of blogs on a daily basis...but I can't seem to find the discipline of blogging myself.

So here is a quick something something just say something.

The Relationship Between A and B is (opt. 1-4 Bidirectional; 5-6 Unidirectional)
  • 1-2: Hostile (worst)
  • 3-7: Unfriendly
  • 8-13: Indifferent
  • 14-18: Friendly
  • 19-20: Helpful (best)
How is A Related to B
  1. blood relations (roll on Family Chart)
  2. by marriage (roll on Family Chart)
  3. married to
  4. loves
  5. is intimate with
  6. childhood friends with
  7. owes money to / is indebted to
  8. knows a secret about
  9. experienced something dramatic with
  10. accused of some wrong by
  11. works for
  12. is indentured to / is a slave/servant to
  13. works with
  14. is in the same business as
  15. lives next to
  16. cheated
  17. is stalking / infatuated with
  18. there is absolutely no relationship
  19. looks shockingly similar to
  20. has a mutual friend with
  21. is well known by through some great deed
  22. frequents the same hangouts as
  23. is of the same faith as
  24. served in the town militia with
  25. has some unexplained psychic/empathetic connection to
  26. neither person will discuss it, even under pain of death
  27. parents adventured together
  28. reroll and apply to parents
  29. reroll and apply to A's sibling
  30. roll twice
Family Relations (A is a X to B)
  1. parent
  2. child
  3. sibling
  4. cousin
  5. aunt/uncle
  6. grandparent
  7. grandchild
  8. distant cousins

Here are some links to the forefathers of such thinking:

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