Monday, April 1, 2013

Atramentous Man

My Petty Gods divine item:

Atramentous Man

Alignment: Neutral
Save: Special
XP Value: 20,000

The ultimate Deus ex Machnina, an atramentous man is sometimes given by petty gods for special acts of service or devotion.  Sometimes given by petty gods for special acts of service or devotion, an atramentous man is an enigmatic boon waiting to happen.  The vaguely humaniod form is made entirely of solid darkness, a protomatter capable of assuming anything.  It has no features and does not interact with anyone.  It cannot be harmed by any mundane or magical means.

Once given, the atramentous man will unobtrusively follow the recipient.  It cannot be restrained or forced to move.  Any attempt to loose it will cause it to reappear in 1d4 turns, hours, or days, as is appropriate.  For example, if the recipient teleports away the atramentous man will simple show back up in 1d4 days.

The purpose of the atramentous man is to precipitate into any item that the recipient most needs to achieve an otherwise hopeless situation.  For example, if you fall naked into a 20' pit the atramentous man could suddenly form into a perfectly serviceable ladder that just reaches to the top.  When defensless and backed into a corner by a wight, the atramentous man may turn into a silver long sword to give you a fighting chance.  The GM should chose any mundane or minor magical item (including potions), but the choice must mean the difference between certain failure and possible success.  Once formed into a specific item it is a typical specimen of that item.  The atramentous man is spent and there is no trace to associate the item with where it came from.

edit requested by the publisher so as to not conflict with existing awesomeness :)

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