Saturday, April 13, 2013

S&W Gnomes

There are no gnomes in Swords & Wizardry, just tantalizing hints...

White Box (3rd)
Dwarves can speak gnomish (page 16)

White Box (1st)
Halfling is a broader category of wee folk, including gnomes (page 10)

Core (4th)

Complete (Kickstarter)

There is no entry for Gnome, but they are mentioned in some of the encounter write ups - beware of spoilers.  A type of armor is described that specifically calls out sizes for halflings and gnomes being smaller than dwarves (page 14). Officially  gnomes use halfling stats (page 66, 70).  Most telling, a couple of entries outline the gnome village of Nomengarten. We get all the standard fare, including mushroom houses, earth-tone clothes, red, cone hats, peace-loving friends of small forest animals (think Pink Floyd), smurf-like singing and dancing, gold and pastries.  I would also add that gnomes seem to attract a certain category of monsters...

Finally, here is a thorough exposition on the broader subject by Matthew James Stanham.

And this is just genius: The Backpack Gnome by tony dowler

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