Friday, June 7, 2013

Significant Deaths

Tenkar's Tavern asked if we remember our first character over here.

I chimed in...I don't remember anything about the guy except his death.  My dad bought the Moldvay Basic box at Wal-Mart (believe it or not) and we sat to play.  It took thirty minutes to generate our characters as we were reading the rules for the first time simultaneously.

Then we found our selves in the valley of the Caves of Chaos...without any source of light.  So back to the Keep on the Borderlands for some torches.  Back at the valley we saw some small lizard-like dogs rush into a somewhat hidden opening.  My bother and I bravely followed.

Dad: the goes some distance into the darkness and then at the edge of your torch-light, branches left and right.
Me: I go up to the corner and look around
Dad: Uh...ok, roll a, the normal one...oh no, you fall into a pit that was hidden on the floor.  Roll that dice again to see how much damage you take in the fall...oh, uh, you die...[he looks at my brother] ok, now you have to roll...and again...and you fall in and die, too...
Me: That was cool...we're going to go outside and play, bye!

That's paraphrased, but it's pretty much how it went down.  15 minutes of glory.

Well, it turns out some celebrity also died in that same accursed pit - Harley Stroh's first PC died right there too!  Makes me feel pretty awesome.

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