Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day & Free RPG Day

Second Annual Father's Day and Free RPG Day Report*

First off, Happy Father's Day to all you real men out there!  You think battling dragons or braving dungeons is challenging?  Be a dad...better than all the XPs and gold out there.

So I am doubly blessed because I was born and raised in Texas (Dallas area to be exact).  Within 200 miles were 4 stores participating in this year's Free RPG Day.  Yes, the number is way down from previous years and yes, 2 of those stores were on opposite sides of that 200 mile radius circle.  However, I managed to make a day of it and hit 2 of them with a car load of friends and family.

To give credit where credit is due, both of these fine establishments were warm and welcoming.  So a sincere thanks goes out to

Besides picking up a goody (or two) I spent money at each one because while free stuff is sweet, the real idea is to spread the love.

Finally, I went by the two stores closer to my home.  I knew that they weren't participating but I went in and talked to them about.  One store was...less receptive.  They have a history about being <inappropriate word goes here> so I wasn't expecting much.  The second store though, I was disappointed over.  So I told the guy as much.  I was not belligerent and he was very receptive.  Basically, they have a ton going on so, the guy (who was not the owner) assumed it was just an oops.  He went to explain more stuff about their situation and I ended up buying something pricing to just say "Free RPG Day works" - sometimes even when it doesn't.

So go out and visit your stores, buy a little something and encourage them to participate next year!  You might swing by your favorite publisher and thank them too!

* Here is a link to last year's report

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