Tuesday, July 30, 2013

S&W Gnomes II

A little while back I did some research on all there is to know about gnomes in Swords & Wizardry.  It seems that monster books are the leading authority on the subject.  This is good news since Frog God Games just released Tome of Horrors 4.  If you really hurry you can pick up a copy before the price goes up day after tomorrow...

Anyway, here are a few gnomish lore tidbits (spoilers?):

Nasty, nasty stuff lives in the deep vaults beneath the gnomehold of Ozgalot in the Garnet Hills (p. 94).  There are silver mines like no other place.  And there are strange alchemical delights to be found in the upper reaches.  And later it is again mentioned that gnomes inhabit the hills between the valley halflings and the dwarves (and worse) from (under) the mountains.  Whenever there is a festival, racial tensions are left behind as gnomes cheer side by side with duergar and drow (p. 99).

Gnomes are skilled illusionists (p. 108) and will tinker with devices other races leave on the drawing boards (p. 98).

It's not much, but at least this go around we don't hear about the endless attacks from mythical creatures...

Finally, while maybe not cannon, the Stoneheart Valley campaign mentions gnomes along with "other Under Realms races" (p. 109).  Very peculiar....

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